What is the difference between spring machines with different shaft numbers?

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With the continuous changes in the production and processing requirements of light yellow goods, the spring machine equipment is also constantly improving, so the spring machines in the sales market are slowly developing in the direction of four-axis, five-axis, six-axis, and multi-axis. What are the characteristics of spring machines with the same number of axes?

Before grasping the difference between different shaft numbers of spring machine equipment, Jinding Machinery will give you a general understanding of the "shaft" in the spring machine. "Shaft" means that the connecting gear between the members supporting the point is driven by an AC servo. When using the motor to drive the matching equipment, the excessive number of axes will endanger the precision of the spring machine equipment, the actual effect of forming and the high efficiency of production and processing.

Three-axis spring machine: Most of the previous spring machine equipment is mainly based on three-axis, that is, the wire feeding shaft, the cam shaft and the rotating mandrel, and the relative correlation of the forming effect is limited. , part of which is to use a separate AC servo motor to control the feed line. The eight cams on the control panel are controlled by AC servo motor drivers. Each corner cutter forms only one corner in one plane. The relative correlation of the shaping function is limited, and the cam position must be manually adjusted, which is complicated.

Five-axis spring machine: basically the development trend of three-axis spring machine. Most cases are similar to three-axis spring machines. But the original three-axis basically improves the rotating shaft and crankshaft of the winding machine, which can make each corner knife of the spring machine equipment not limited by a single plane view, can form a solid angle, has a strong forming effect, and can maintain more complex of molding.

Multi-axis camless spring machine: It is a very good spring machine equipment at this stage. Compared with these two spring machines, each cam on the control panel is controlled by a separate AC servo motor driver, which makes the equipment adjustment easier. And each knife can maintain any stroke arrangement and any speed according to the program. A large number of axes make the forming function more flexible and powerful. Various spring processing requirements can be considered at this stage, and the output is high. Efficiency has been greatly improved.

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